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Our Church Ministries

We are committed to ministering to every age in our city

Come and connect with us as we grow in knowledge and service of Jesus

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Arise Women's Ministry

The Women's ministry of New Hope currently meet every Tuesday morning at 9:00am in the fellowship hall. This is a warm and fun time to study God's word over a cup of coffee and a tasty treat. The women have a ton of fun and good times. Arise seeks to encourage women within the church to heal, strengthen and grow in their gifting's in the Lord. No matter your past these women are here to love and serve.

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"Our Future is Bright"

Our Children's ministry takes place on Sunday morning during our main service. Children from ages 3-10 are encouraged to attend. The church also provides a room for nursing mothers and infants to still be a part of the service. Our Children are our future and we are working hard to ensure that they are growing up in the things of God. Our future is our children and our future is BRIGHT! 

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Student Ministry


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Worship Team

At New Hope Fellowship we love to worship Jesus. During every service our worship team works hard to put together a worship experience that exalts and glorifies God. As we worship in Spirit and in Truth, we are motivated by our love for God and gratitude for all He has done. He is in the midst of His peoples praises. Our worship gatherings are contemporary in style, yet we don't forget the old hymns. It is  geared to connect every generation to God through worship.


Kingsmen Ministry

At New Hope Fellowship we believe that in order to be a strong church we must have a strong and vibrant ministry to the men of our community. The Kingsmen ministry seeks to prepare men to lead and love like Christ. We are launching our Ministry and will soon have a weekly set of events just for men to connect and grow through. Our team of Men are ready and full of love to help Men grow and reach their God given potential. Come and grow with us! 


R.O.A.R Prayer Ministry

Rejoice & put On the whole Armor of the Lord & Release God's Word into the world." 

Every 1st and 3rd Friday at 6:30pm at the church we have our weekly prayer service. At New Hope we are training God's people to pray in faith and with genuine conviction believing that the thing they are asking for, God is able to accomplish it. Our Prayer ministry is an extension of the love of God to heal the wounded and hurting.

Royal Rangers Outpost #38

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God calls each church to care for the widow and the orphan. Here at New Hope we have a special group of women who put together a weekly gathering for widows in the church. They meet on Tuesday mornings 9:30am These wonderful women always have a great time and they truly care for each other with the love of God. 

New Beginnings Widows Ministry

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Girls aged from 5-12 are welcome to join us for our Girls ministry. This ministry teaches girls to grow in love with Jesus and to live strong lives of courage and grace in truth. Girls are challenged every Wednesday to memorize the bible. The girls complete missions to earn badges and progress through a national curriculum in stages designed specifically for each age group.  If you would like to serve in this ministry contact Stephanie Smith, Girls Ministries coordinator at New Hope 541-459-2587

Boys aged from 5-12 are welcome to join us for our Royal Rangers ministry. This ministry teaches boys to follow Christ and uses practical outdoor skills to teach spiritual life lessons. Complete with retreats, pow-wows and service projects Royal Rangers is a great opportunity for all boys. If you would like to serve in this ministry contact Rodney Linton, Royal Ranger Commander at 541-272-2564 or New Hope at 541-459-2587

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